Sunday, August 3, 2008

So I Got The Popcorn

This summer has been a heck of a ride.

School let out for the summer just before Memorial Day and I thought, "whoopee, I have 7 weeks of freedom!" Whatever shall I do with all that free time? I had visions of reading books that I chose. Knitting Christmas presents. Going to the movies whenever I wanted. Having a bit of a vacation...

Well I did read ONE book and I finished a previously started knitting adventure (yay!). I saw a couple movies and before I knew it, that mini break was over and summer school started.

Comic Spirit is the name of my class. I had visions of Monty Python, 70's SNL, and sugar plums dancing in my head. But it was not to be.

Nothing about this class is funny! I've learned that the difference between Comedy and Tragedy is that in Comedy, whatever obstacle is placed in front of our hero is resolved, happy ending, plain and simple. I've learned that Comic Spirit is the ability to heal anything through laughter and love.

Where's the funny??? I want to laugh! I want my eyes to water (I don't really want to pee my pants, but you get the picture). Professor has got us reading Aristophanes (Ancient Greek), Plautus (Ancient Rome), Boccaccio (Renaissance), Shakespeare, and Moliere. They are all a snooze fest, except for Boccaccio, I actually enjoyed those 100 tales of the Decameron. Some of them were pretty racy for their time.

Again I ask, where's the funny? As I walked down the hallway after class last week, I could swear that I saw "The Life of Brian" playing in one of the classrooms. I find out there is another Comic Spirit class going on at the same time. Why did my fate put me in the boring class.

How do I know the other class is funny? I don't. But I'd like to think it must be better that what I'm stuck with. They get Monty Python...

I'm on my own here. I'm finding my own funny. I've got Netflix red envelopes sitting around, all my choices. Should I pop one of the dvd's in?

No! Instead I meet a friend at the movies to see Mamma Mia. We have a deal that I join her for any movie that includes Colin Firth and she accompanies me for any movie that includes Hugh Grant. Not a problem, but I wish Hugh would get off his ass and make a movie for crying out loud!

I even plan to go without my ration of movie corn. I need to be good and stick with the program. I'll bring a healthy snack.

The movie starts. I tap my feet, sing along and laugh. I found my funny! Even if listening to Pierce Brosnan is a tad painful, he is still James Bond, still good looking, and if you can manage to plug your ears and forget what he sounds like, you'll enjoy yourself. I can admit, this is my 2nd time and actually I liked it better this go round.

It was probably the small popcorn I bought after someone blew the popcorn scented wind machine in my direction. Will power be damned. I love that crap!

I'll have the fiber one bar tomorrow...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh The Places I've Been...

I've been very absent the last coupla weeks.  It's been lovely mostly, but the hostage crisis in Venezuela I wouldn't wish on anyone.

The best was, of course, nursing George Clooney's broken heart at his lovely villa on Lake Como in Italy.  He begged and begged for me to go along with him and what could I say?  NO?  Like hell I'd miss out on the wonderful Italian lake district and well, George!  

Nuff said...

Seriously though, I've been savoring a short trip to North Carolina.  Asheville was a delightful mountain community.  I put a bid on the Biltmore Estate and it was accepted LOL.  I may have to extend my escrow for 30 or so years to get the money together, but I want it!  A nice little place to retire to.

On the other hand, I bought some souvenirs and 6 hanks of a yummy wool yarn at Yarn Paradise in Asheville.  I think it's too bad it isn't my local shop or I'd be keeping them in business for years to come.

I'm not looking forward to the flight home, but it is a necessary evil for those who like to travel across country...pray for legroom!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

♫People…People Who Need People…♫

I love my friends! And I’ve got a great group of them. Whatever I might need, be it a recipe, tech support, or a pat on the back, they’re there for me.

We all have something special to bring to the party. My specialty is dental health, of course. But there are also proofreaders, gadget lovers, crafters, gardeners, animal activists, nurses, comedians, and chefs. Whatever we might need to learn all we have to do is ask.

This morning my cell phone rang at 7:15 and it was the dear friend I’ll be visiting in 3 weeks. We hadn’t touched base in a while and she wanted to talk about our plans for the time I’ll be in her state. We had a few good laughs before I had to leave for work and set a good tone for the day.

Halfway through the morning, one of my coworkers called to me from down the hall and said, “both your pant legs are tucked into your socks!” Thanks! It must have happened when I put my socks on in a standing position and then walking into my crocs on the way out the door. She is used to taking care of her 83 y.o. father and two young sons, so getting my socks back under my pants was a piece of cake.

Tonight I was attempting to install a wireless router so I could surf the net in any room of my house and hit a roadblock. I called one of my “webbie” friends for help and she came through with flying colors. I think she may have even turned a deaf ear on my rampage of foul language when the easier pass code didn’t work right away. But that is just me, always on the verge of a meltdown. She helped me figure out the problem, FROM OHIO, and then it was smooth sailing.

I can do a lot of things by myself, but sometimes I need help.

♫I get by with A LOT of help from my friends! ♫

Monday, June 23, 2008

No Really, I Do Like The Color Purple

I can’t say this enough…I love it when I get a compliment from a patient.

Today was one of those days when I was running behind all dang day. I needed to take xrays on each one, then my light burned out and I needed to find an open room to finish. Luckily that was with my favorite patient (that I would steal from his wife if she wasn’t such a good friend of mine) who is very mellow and goes with the flow.

My last patient of the day gave me the nicest compliment. She said that one time, I was out for whatever reason and she got a substitute. She said the prophy was completely different from the way I operate and it hurt. She said “never again! I only want to see you.”

No problem. She does what I tell her. She brushes her teeth as many times as I like. She’s easy to work on and is a nice person.

What she chooses to wear out in public is another story.

Here’s where I become a complete and utter SNOB. This gal is only 2 years younger than me, yet looks and dresses like her 94 year old grandmother. I realize it’s been ungodly hot around here lately, but I’m gonna just say it…

If I ever walk out of my house wearing one of those polyester house coat dresses in a lavender print with matching Crocs, the bullet should point blank hit me between the eyes. Make it quick and painless!

In an unrelated story…

My AC unit arrived today and wouldn’t you know it, it is cooling off!

I’m ready though, Mother Nature and Global Warming…bring it on.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

All In The Name Of Mooching Air Conditioning!!

We're having a heat wave...did I mention that?

I'm waiting on the delivery of my AC unit, but in the meantime I got stuff to do. I've got laundry, grocery shopping, knitting... The first two are completed in the morning before the sun rises over the yard arm (whatever that means). Now what? Do I just sit here and watch the drips of sweat race down my leg? Nope.

Yesterday I filled my water bottle and walked the short mile to the Public Library and sat in there for the afternoon. I got a lot accomplished on the "Clapotis" wrap and should be done knitting tomorrow or the next day. All in the name of mooching air conditioning from the city.

While walking the mile home I stopped at the local movie house and bought a ticket for an 8 o'clock show. There is a method to my madness here. I could go home now, eat some dinner, take a shower and dress faster than my sweat glands and get the heck out and sit at Starbucks for an hour while I wait for the movie. All in the name of mooching air conditioning from corporate America.

I can actually recommend "Get Smart." It was at times laugh out loud funny. Perhaps in my light T-shirt, skirt, and flip flops it got uncomfortably cold in the theatre, but was I complaining? Nope!! I was going to sit there and take it if it killed me. All in the name of mooching air conditioning from Hollywood.

Hey, it isn't like I'm buying pirated DVD's from China or anything.

So this morning I call my Mom and ask her if I can come hang out at her house and if she would come walk up onto CSULB's campus to take more photos for my little slide show production. She would. We found shade and a much nicer breeze than at my house. It amazes me how much difference in temperature 6 miles makes. I even brought over stuff to grill for dinner and invited one of my brothers to join us. I mentioned we had ice and didn't have to ask him twice. He brought dessert!

There's no air conditioning to mooch at Mom's. But it's Mom's house. The comfort zone for three grown children.

Heat wave or no heat wave, Mom's got the cool house. It doesn't get much better than that.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Was the temperature inside my little house when I got home today!!


My feet are swollen…that just doesn’t happen to me. But then, I’m uncomfortable, so forgive me while I bitch about it. My AC unit is in transit and I cannot wait to fire up that puppy!

Today was a good day! It started out at the Breast Center for my annual “smash-o-gram.” My tech Dianne was awesome; she didn’t mess around and had me out of there in 32 minutes. I’m talking from the time I walked in the door until the time I walked out…32 minutes! I’m going to request her next year and she better still be working there.

Then I droved my pre planned travel circle to take pictures of my hometown for a slide show I’m presenting to friends on the east coast who will be visiting over New Years! Of course with my own special twist to it. That was fun for me, revisiting my youth for part of it. It was a warm sunny day and I would have loved to dive off the Bayshore Bridge into the bay to cool off, but as I was fully dressed and didn’t want to attract any “wet T-shirt” attention, I stayed above the water. Besides it was less than 30 minutes since I’d had my sandwich from Subway and I didn’t want to get a cramp.

I would be spending the afternoon at the Annex with my Stitch & Bitch pals so I would be needing caffeine. “I’d like a Grande Light Mocha Frappuccino,” I said to the barista at Starbucks to which his reply was, “that means you don’t get whip cream.” Duhhh! However will I live? Like my old grand pappy used to say (people are just no damned good) “if you don’t have anything good to say, shut the heck up!”

Don’t waste my valuable knitting time…especially when I’m getting my mojo back and have 2 projects to finish before summer school starts.

I’m getting close! I’ll keep you posted.

Now if it would just cool off in here…

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

I think Matthew Broderick said it best in the film Biloxi Blues:

"It's HOT here! It's like Africa hot! Even Tarzan couldn't survive in this heat!"

It isn't often I need to complain about the heat here in beautiful Southern California. More like the crowds and the traffic, but there are times, about 4 weeks a year that I wish I had air conditioning. The rest of the year it is mild enough to get by without it.


Two summers ago we had a heat wave that lasted over a month. Unfortunately the thermostat for my wall heater is within my range of vision in my living room. I can sit on the couch, watching the TV and sweat dripping down my leg at the same time. Who really wants to see a thermostat that reads 94°?? Certainly not me. Who really wants to sleep on a hot mattress? Not me! For anyone who is interested in purchasing a "feather topper" for their bed, let me just tell you, they retain heat!!! I yanked that bad boy off my bed and chucked it as far as I was able, never to darken my doorstep again. It is just wrong to be happy to leave the house for the office because it is cooler there.

Can I really afford the electric bill? Sure I can if I’m reasonable. Temps under 80° I can live with having my ceiling fan blow on me. Above that, I don’t want to think about how hot it can be in here.

So even though I’m consciously trying to reduce the size of my carbon footprint (remember I did buy a compact car 2 weeks ago) I came home tonight, saw 87° on the thermostat and then walked straight into my front bedroom, turned on the computer, dialed up the friendly Costco website, browsed their portable AC units, picked one and proceeded to checkout!!!

I did it! I bought one! It is small, has casters on the bottom so I can move it around the little Kracker Shack, and I will be able to sleep in comfort. I won’t have to threaten to sleep standing up in a cold shower.

It is the least I can do to put myself first. Isn't that the point?